The Coilhunter Chronicles
Vincent bryant ch cast4

The Coilhunter Chronicles

Vincent bryant 011 coilhunter arts

Nox , The Coilhunter

Vincent bryant 38 handcart sally

Handcart Sally

Vincent bryant 37 gold barrel jane

Gold-barrel Jane

Vincent bryant 027 tnt tom and danny deadmaker

TNT Tom and Danny Deadmaker

Vincent bryant 025 iron ike

Iron Ike

Vincent bryant 021 long eyed lizzy

Long-eyed Lizzy

The Coilhunter Chronicles

I have always wanted to try something like this. A group piece combining individual character drawings. It was nice to use the "Coilhunter" art I've done recenly for my first attempt.
And if you are a fan of western style Science Fiction or Steampunk Adventure ,then you must pick up the Coilhunter series by Dean F. Wilson.
Or you can do what I did and get the audio book narrated by R. C. Bray!

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