Awaiting Rescue; circa 1983 Pen, Ink and Watercolor (Art Redux)
Vincent bryant awaiting rescue

Re-inked and reworked with SketchbookPro

Vincent bryant awaiting rescue original

Slide of original 1983 Art

Vincent bryant dscn0092

Painting by Brian Hendrickson penciled by me. circa 1985

Vincent bryant commercial 006

Pen and Ink design for a poster.circa 1990

Vincent bryant awaiting rescue

First version done in markers from my high school days. circa 1977

Awaiting Rescue; circa 1983 Pen, Ink and Watercolor (Art Redux)

I am using Sketchbook Pro to redraw the line art on some older illustrations that I no longer have or have access to.
I do have them on slides which are worn and faded and I'm using PaintShop Pro to clean them up first.
Awaiting Rescue; A humanoid alien sitting on a human skull. There are many versions of this I've drawn since the original done with markers in high school. I have one that was a collaboration with a fellow student ,Brian Hendrickson at the Herron School Of Art( he painted over my pencils). And a later version in pen and ink for advertisement.

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