Riders; circa 1984 Pen ,Ink and Wash (Art Redux)
Vincent bryant riders

Re-inked with Sketchbook Pro

Vincent bryant riders original

Slide of original 1984 art

Riders; circa 1984 Pen ,Ink and Wash (Art Redux)

I am using Sketchbook Pro to redraw the line art on some older illustrations that I no longer have or have access to.
I do have them on slides which are worn and faded and I'm using PaintShop Pro to clean them up first.
Riders; Mutants riding across a desolated plain. I was influenced by the late Vaughn Bodē's Cobalt 60. And if you don't know who he is LOOK HIM UP NOW! I still remember being Awed by his comic " Sunpot" In the first issue of Heavy Metal magazine and I have been a fan ever since.

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